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Equipment overview

The HKD-9972STGF automatic semi-finished product ultrasonic cleaning machine is a high-precision cleaning system dedicated to the surface dust, oil stains, and other dirt in the last three processes of product processing. It adopts the latest ultrasonic cleaning technology, which makes ultrasonic cleaning more efficient, wider in scope, and more thorough in cleaning effect. The entire cleaning process is automatically completed by two independent robotic arms, with a total of 9 workstations, including 4 ultrasonic degreasing cleaning tanks, 1 two connected overflow rinsing tank, and 1 triple connected overflow rinsing tank. After effective degreasing cleaning and rinsing, it meets the high cleanliness requirements.

During the cleaning process, the workpiece undergoes a gasification phenomenon through high-frequency ultrasound and the system continuously moves up and down, increasing the friction of the liquid and allowing the dirt on the surface of the workpiece to quickly fall off, achieving its high cleanliness.

Characteristic advantages

This equipment has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable performance, reasonable structure, high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, and convenient use, making it an ideal stainless steel cleaning equipment.

Typical applications

The cleaning machine mainly consists of an ultrasonic generator, transducer, cleaning tank, storage tank, rinsing tank, bubble system, automatic constant temperature heating system, automatic circulating filtration system, mechanical arm, feeding table, exhaust system, electrical control system, etc.