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Suzhou Hekeda Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, with a production base of 32300 square meters in Suzhou. It has taken the lead in developing into a modern large-scale ultrasonic cleaning equipment production enterprise that integrates research and development, design, and manufacturing, and enjoys a good reputation in China.

The "Hekeda" brand series of products adopts advanced technology from both domestic and international sources, imported branded electronic components, and raw materials for production and manufacturing. It offers a full range of ultrasonic cleaning machines with various specifications and varieties, as well as various large-scale non-standard computer-controlled touch screen fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines, industrial chillers, industrial pure water machines, LCD glass rolling brush machines, semiconductor solar silicon wafer cleaning machines, electroplating automatic production lines, and more, All technical indicators are leading in the domestic industry, and the products are popular both domestically and internationally. In order to meet the high-tech cleaning needs of high-precision parts, Hekeda Company actively introduces international advanced hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning technology, carefully designs and manufactures hydrocarbon vacuum cleaning and drying machines, hydrocarbon distillation and recovery machines, and adopts our unique vacuum steam cleaning and vacuum drying system. Not only does it make the surface of the cleaned object clean, but it also has excellent dryness. There has been a significant breakthrough in the cleaning industry.

Hekeda Company, which actively develops environmental protection technology, will continue to cooperate with new and old customers with high-quality products, reasonable prices, and dedicated services, and create a better tomorrow together with enthusiasm and dedication!