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Equipment overview

The HKD-CVT25 torque converter adopts a spray air cut dryer, and the cleaning process is controlled by a PLC programmable controller. The device consists of a spray rinsing section made of stainless steel material, an air cut drainage section, a hot air drying section, a vacuum drying section, a cold air section, and an inlet and outlet table, forming a continuous operation from rinsing to drying. The equipment has a total of 8 main workstations and adopts a chain type automatic conveying system. Automatic feeding, intermediate rinsing, wind cutting and drying are achieved automatically without the need for manual control operations. The cleaned workpiece can be manually unloaded at the discharge port to complete the entire cleaning process。

Characteristic advantages

This machine has been used by multiple users and is characterized by a reasonable structure, stable performance, high cleaning efficiency, simple operation, and long service life. It is an ideal cleaning and drying equipment.

Typical applications

The cleaning machine mainly consists of a fully automatic conveying system, a spray rinsing system, an air cutting system, a hot air circulation drying system, an automatic constant temperature heating system, an automatic circulation filtration system, an exhaust system, and an electrical control system.