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Can 3D resin models be cleaned with ultrasound?

Editor: Hekeda Browse:890 Times:2024.01.07

In recent years, the rapid development of 3D printing technology has brought tremendous changes to the manufacturing industry. In this field, 3D resin printing technology has attracted much attention due to its high-precision and complex structural manufacturing capabilities. However, it is accompanied by the issue of cleaning the printed model. Among numerous cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning technology has gradually become a research hotspot for 3D resin model cleaning due to its advantages of high efficiency and comprehensive coverage.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is a method that utilizes ultrasonic vibration to generate high-frequency and high-strength liquid dynamic effects in liquids, and removes dirt from surfaces and tiny pores through liquid impact and microflow. This cleaning method can not only quickly and uniformly clean the surface of objects, but also penetrate into small structures, making it suitable for cleaning various materials.

In 3D resin printing, due to the need for support structures to ensure the stability of the model during the printing process, there are often residual support materials, resin residues, etc. on the surface of the model after printing is completed. The presence of these residues not only affects the appearance quality of the model, but may also affect its mechanical performance and performance stability. Traditional cleaning methods often require a lot of manpower and time, and may not necessarily achieve the desired cleaning effect.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning technology in 3D resin model cleaning:

The energy released by the rupture of tiny bubbles generated by ultrasonic vibration in liquid can quickly remove dirt from the surface of the model and tiny pores.

During the ultrasonic cleaning process, there is no need for manual direct contact with the surface of the model, avoiding the potential damage of physical scratches to the model.

Ultrasound enables the cleaning liquid to cover every corner of the model surface, ensuring a comprehensive and uniform cleaning effect.

Can 3D resin models be cleaned with ultrasound? Ultrasonic cleaning technology provides new possibilities for post-processing of 3D resin models, and its advantages in cleaning effect, cleaning time, and cleaning cost make this technology have broad application prospects in the field of 3D printing. However, further in-depth research is needed on the applicability of different materials and models to better meet the requirements of different fields for cleaning effectiveness.